Wilderness First Aid

Finally officially certified by the National Outdoor Leadership School to save someone if they get hurt in the backcountry. Although “save” is a rather relative term I suppose….*gulp* I think I’m going to need some more practice! The course was a few weeks ago, finally getting to write about it.

I’ve been trying to set up one of these courses down here for years, but it never worked out. It’s quite expensive to put on, especially if you don’t have a location. This one was held in conjunction with the Silver Lake Nature Center. Great spot. We were inside and outside and all over the place! Hoping to go back to check it out again soon!

I’ve had Red Cross training before, but this one was really hands on and we got to practice a bit on each other. Of course, practicing on someone who’s not really hurt is way easier than you’d expect. But I suppose things like dressing wounds or taping ankles doesn’t go out of style. It’s the head-to-toe body check that I’m a little uncertain about. In the course, we did a head-to-toe check on everyone, every time! Whether they had a stomachache or a headache, or a sore arm, we had to lay them down & check all over, even roll them onto their side to see if there was anything wrong with their back. Pretty silly–“My stomach hurts!” “OK, lay down and let me make sure you don’t have a spinal injury….”

Met a lot of great people and the instructors were really fun. Learned a lot. Maybe I can get some folks on some upcoming trips to fake some injuries so I can be prepared. Ordered a bunch of first aid supplies though, but haven’t gotten them yet. Hmmm. Need to follow up on that. In the meantime, time to treat the sunburn I got last weekend. Ow.


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