Book Review: Charms For the Easy Life

I loved this, and I haven’t been able to say that about too many books lately!

From the perspective of Margaret, a teenager of the Lost Generation, and her grandmother Charlie Kate, an old-fashioned “medicine woman” who healed the sick in dirt-poor rural North Carolina during the Great Depression. Margaret observes Charlie Kate deal with a tough life with tough love, and contemplates her mother’s struggle with being too smart to be a rural housewife and too poor to join high society. And while at first she’d rather not, Margaret comes of age with confidence that Charlie Kate has figured life out .

Fascinating characters, although I would say not “chick lit” exactly. Margaret’s dry, affectionate observations of her grandmother’s practical insanity and her mother’s independent wistfulness are both funny and poignant. Fast read.

Handing this off to my friend Janice; I know she’ll love it 🙂

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