Book Review: Vittorio, the Vampire

A vampire love story written nearly 10 years before Stephenie Meyer’s beautiful undead caused mass hysteria among teenage girls with their sexy eyes and undying love (hah).

I’ve never read Twilight, but this sounds just like it. A beautiful vampire falls in love with a human. Set in Tuscany during the 14th century, sixteen-year-old Vittorio’s family is killed but he is spared because one of the “young” vampires falls in love with him. Take a guess at what happens.

It was weird. I didn’t really get it. The setting intrigued me, and the descriptions of the castles, villages and society were charming and vivid enough to really bring into mind Italy during the Renaissance, but I didn’t quite follow Vittorio’s line of thinking sometime. And Ursula, his vampire-slash-lover, was just strange. Beautiful, but strange.

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