750 Words at a Time

I loved this. It’s so true! But I’ve sent three emails and have four more to go, finished one blog post and wanted to get this one up there, and I’m sitting here with my eyes half open. How does one do it?? Thanks Krista Magrowski and the South Jersey Writers’ Group for sharing the article!

Blood, Sweat and Words by writetodone.com

In other novel news, I lost my computer. In a very stupid manner, in a train station. So I’ve been very disconnected. And unfortunately, when I finally got the guts to lookup my backup, pretty much the only thing that hadn’t been backed up was the novel. Business plans were there fortunately, and all photos & stuff, and a lot of the Get Out Philly Board of Directors stuff had been emailed back and forth. But the last backup was in September, and at least half a dozen times, I thought “oh I need to backup” but never actually did. Also stupid. And I did send quick backups via email during NaNoWriMo, but the last update was November 26. Which was BEFORE the big brain wave that completely changed the story. And I never sent a final update. Stupid strikes again. Also I’d spent a bit of time transcribing my handwritten words via 750words.com, but unfortunately as of January 1 you can’t access the previous year’s work. So all that time spent in December typing has been lost as well.

Everything is working against this story at the moment, but that’s okay. I like it and it’s calling to me, and I really want to work on it. I feel like I “just need one day” to get it all out, but we all know that day doesn’t come. So, I think 750 words at a time it is. And I’m also going to blog more too, but we’ll just have to see how that works out.

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