There, it’s public: Goals for my NaNoWriMo novel

I had a writers’ retreat this past weekend, where a few women from my writers’ group rented a cabin in the woods to get away from life and work on their writing. It was a good weekend, and I set down some goals for myself. A few months ago at a writing group Meetup, we wrote down some goals for the year for our writing. I had an overall goal, and now I’m developing them even further. The catch is accountability. Who will yell at me if I don’t do it?? There must be someone…

1. Goals for before summer writers’ retreat:

  • Finish transcribing handwritten notebooks
  • Convert synopsis to full outline for Book 1, at least.
  • Research daVinci boxes (an important part of the story!) and ESP (just as important)
  • Develop the three supporting characters and their roles in the stories.

2. Goal for before November NaNoWriMo retreat

  • Complete all missing scenes from Book 1

3. Goals for before March writers’ retreat (2012)

  • Print out first draft by scene, also print outline and background notes
  • Put into binder to manually edit (dividers)
  • Break out the index cards if needed

4. Deadline: Philadelphia writers’ conference, June 2012 (Pitch to an Agent!)

  • Edit manuscript, type edits
  • Have three people review
  • Rewrite synopsis
  • Write a query letter
  • Get the first three chapters ready to go!

Okay, saving this so I have it in front of me! Clock is ticking…..Since I want to blog too, I’m going to try to alternate one day blogging, one day transcribing, one day on new scenes. Hopefully when I switch jobs this won’t be impossible.


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