Getting lazy on the National Parks goal.

Re-discovered my 43 Things today. Fortunately I was able to cross a few things off my list! And there are a few that I really need to revise a bit. Backpacking around Australia is kind of out of the question now, although I’d love to go & visit for a few weeks. And while watching The Wizard of Oz while listening to Dark Side of the Moon is a great goal, I really need to just get that one over with and out of the way. (And another 43 Things user made this infinitely easier by revealing that already-synched videos are on YouTube. Fab0.)

The thing that inspired me to come back here was Visit All the National Parks. I’m doing this but very slow about writing. And since I just started reading a book about writing,* I’m inspired to get the parks I’ve already visited blogged and scrapped and out of the way. Have been working on a post about the trip to Assateague Island for a few weeks,  just not had the time to finalize!

So the new goal to do at least part of one trip report each week. Each trip report has 5 parts:

  1. First draft—handwrite on bus (until I get computer!!)
  2. First draft—type
  3. Revise first draft, tag
  4. Pick a few photos, post blog, update National Parks Quest page’
  5. Format & print out a copy for the National Park Passport.

Ok this is on!!! Going to finish all the parks I’ve visited by the end of the year!!! Will still have a bunch more to go but it’s a start.

* YES, I know that reading a book about writing is really just procrastinating from writing, but I’m not equipped to write on the bus exactly. See “Into the Woods with Computer and Coffee.” Working on it.


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