The Get Out Girl is FINALLY getting out again

I’m kind of surprised at myself this summer. I really haven’t done….much of anything. Meaning, I’ve been staying home most weekends, not camping. I guess I’ve been saving money. But I had the idea to go visit Andrea Weatherby in Albuquerque. She moved out there about five years ago and I haven’t seen her since. Had plans to go last year, but ended up starting a new job right around the time I was planning to go. So, there went that. Good thing I stuck with it too, because that temp position led to another which led to a promotion and now I’m full time with that company!

At any rate, I finally got things together for this trip. I found a race in Taos, which is another place I’ve wanted to go, so it became one of my “Race the World” tour stops this year. (Have three more planned, hoping I make it to all of them!) Unfortunately, this race looks pretty tough. It’s called the “Up and Over” 10K, because you pretty much run straight up a ski slope for three miles, then down the other side for three miles. I didn’t really read the description too well, just saw “New Mexico race” and jumped on it. (More about the description of the race, my thoughts about what I’ve gotten myself into, and training for the race on my new blog, Elephants in the Closet.)

My trip is going to be a loop of the northeastern corner of New Mexico. I’m going pretty far off the beaten path, as it turns out. Also crossing at least four, maybe five National Parks off my list too, which is even more exciting. I’m renting a car, which I have some financial reservations about, but it’s really the only option. Staying in a hotel for my race so I’m not too stiff & sore before and after I run, but then I’ll be camping and hiking as I go sightseeing.

I can’t WAIT. I had some initial reservations about traveling by myself, but I’ve been a bit stressed the past few weeks so it will be nice to be on my own for awhile. Then I’ll be spending a few days with Andrea and her family in Albuquerque. I am hoping to blog the whole time, but we’ll see how that goes. I’m pretty sure I won’t have much Wi-Fi access out here, but my goal is to keep writing and post at least once per day! I do a lot of writing for work and my novel is coming along pretty well (link to original story about how it came together), and I feel like I have other life journeys I want to think about, so I’ve created a few new blogs. Hoping to get them all started, more details soon.

Finalizing the itinerary for my trip, so I’ll put that up tomorrow. I change my mind daily. This is good too. I need to be a little more spontaneous! More on that in a future post.


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