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Check In: Yep, there’s a lot of social networking sites out there

Had an organizer meeting last night, and on the train on the way home Julia and I got on the topic of FourSquare. I’d signed up ages ago, via a Twitter link from a Philly NetSquared person I follow. Didn’t know until after I’d done all the sign in work that you needed a smartphone to actually use the program. Came to the conclusion it was really just another way to connect with people you really don’t want to talk to in real life. Psh. So I didn’t get it and let it go.

But Julia explained it — it’s a game. You get points for checking in, and some places give you discounts — Top Dog gives you a free drink for every 10 check-ins, for example.Ā  When you check in to a place more than anyone else has, you become the “Mayor” (although I am not sure what that distinction actually gets you anything). And there’s other stuff you earn too. I’m thinking it’s just a way for businesses to advertise. But I like it as a game. Fun. Not stress-inducing and low key. I’m in.

Then today I got this article in my inbox today from the Onion, from the Philly NetSquared mailing list. Died laughing! And then, of course, I Facebooked it. šŸ™‚


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