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Dickens Impersonator Contest

The Philadelphia Library is hosting a Charles Dickens Impersonation Contest. I think Charles Dickens is one of my favorite authors, so I’m totally interested. Although the contest is on a Monday at 10:30 am, so that kind of counts me out for viewing and participating.

Here’s what contestants have to do:

Part 1: Present a brief monologue as Charles Dickens
To begin the audition, we will ask that each contestant presents to the panel a brief monologue as Charles Dickens. The monologue can be invented or taken directly from his personal commentary and reflections, and should last no more than two minutes.

Part 2: Act out a scene as one of Charles Dickens’s well-known literary characters
An avid performer, Dickens undertook a series of dramatic public readings where he assumed the roles of his characters. Each contestant will be asked to perform a brief scene from one of Dickens’s works as he would have.

Part 3: Q&A from celebrity panel of Judges
Each contestant will go through a fast-paced Q&A session conducted by celebrity judges. Questions will range from general information on Dickens’s life and works, to ways in which he will make literature exciting for new audiences and generations to come. Contestants should come armed with a working knowledge of Dickens facts and information.

Love it! Although on further inspection, the activity is actually called the “Dickens Idol Contest,” inspired by American Idol. Maybe not so cool. But a fun idea anyway.

Here are the details on the Free Library of Philadelphia‘s Blog!


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Litter Critters

As if solar compacting trash cans weren’t cool enough….I love these! Going to have to hunt them down on South Street!

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Broad Street Bandits

So I’ve been convinced to do the Broad Street Run. 10 mile race, Ten THOUSAND people. The registration opened and filled before I even knew it was open, but my friend Bill says it’s easy to sneak in. We’ll see….

More importantly it’s TEN miles. I’ve never run that far in my life. I’m afraid I’m going to be bored to death! And I lost my phone this morning, so there goes my MP3 capability. Unless it miraculously turns up somewhere. I’ve learned that music is a really important thing in terms of the pace and timing of my running. If Pandora is in a “slow songs” rut, then it takes me a little longer than if they’re playing Fatboy Slim or Daft Punk. I started my workout mix with Beyonce and Fatboy Slim, and now it’s all kinds of weird stuff, like Do-Wop and Stevie Wonder. I think I just need to delete the channel & start over. Its too difficult

I’d been having trouble with getting over 2.5 miles after running for about a month. I couldn’t figure it out, since I left off with five miles in the end of November, and had no trouble getting back to 1.5 once I started up again in February. But for some reason, I had a kind of block. Was too tired, or sore hip, etc. so I’d just stop when I got to the 2 mile mark. Then I remembered that the way I got into longer distances at first was by adding one minute every time. So now I’m adding two minutes, and now I’m over 3 miles so I’ll be adding 5 minutes to my last time every time I get out.

I’m trying to work on a workout schedule so I’ll be paced by the time I get to Broad Street, but that’s a lot of math! So I’ll just work on adding 5 minutes every time. Looks like it will take about 13 distance runs to get to 100 minutes. Which is a heck of a lot of running! And still probably not quite 10 miles. Going to take more than a few weekends, I think…. But bring it on Bill, bring it on….

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