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Eat, pray, or love–just pick one already

Eat, Pray, Love is pretty much everywhere these days. Was invited to see the film this weekend, stupid me didn’t check the bus schedule, which is different on Sundays. D’oh. I’m a few chapters into the book, and loving it!

Amy V posted this on Facebook a few days ago, finally got around to watching it.

It resonated, to say the least. I was struck by her talking about her grandmother, still alive, in Minnesota, and how she made it through the Depression & World War II:

“She didn’t have choices. Her life was bound by the rigors of absence of choice…..but it led to self-confidence that she could do only what she could do. Her life looked exactly like the life of the women that had come before her and those that were around her. That is not the case in our lives…We’re all on our own journey, and it can be pretty confusing sometimes.”

Choice is good to have, but I’ve been struggling with this lately. So much going on, so much to do. Most of the time I wake up and am completely overwhelmed by everything there is to do. Not to mention getting caught up with everything I didn’t do yesterday. Or last week. So I make a list, open a few new browser windows, pick three things to do–and then open up a game or goof on Facebook. I know what needs to be done, but either I can’t decide what to do–or the things that are most important have me stuck on how to get them started.

I’ve been thinking lately it would be great if I could do all the research and investigating that I love. Then narrow down my choices to three and just have someone pick one for me. Which volunteer project should I work on this week? Here are my top three. What Get Out Philly non-profit project should I start with? There are five–if I can put off two until October, tell me which one I should work on today. Which blog post should I write first? There are 10 “drafts” saved in my WordPress dashboard. I can select three. Someone else pick which one they like the best and I’ll happily go on from there.

But Ms. Gilbert says there is no one who can make those decisions. Granted, I think she’s thinking about more serious decisions, like divorce or career or whatnot. I don’t have many of those to make right now, although some of these small decisions will definitely impact the larger ones in the long run. Maybe that’s why I feel so paralyzed. If I blog about this topic, it will connect me with potential employers better. But this other topic is calling to me. But that’s not relevant; I should be writing about Travel! I’m opening a travel business! But it’s too early. I have other things to do before I should go with the one that the Potential Employers would like. But Potential Employers are not even reading my blog! Why does it matter anyway?

As I lay it all out here, I realize this means that it doesn’t matter what I pick. I’m at the point where ANY of these possible choices are better than doing what I normally do. YouTube, Facebook, and Spider Solitaire are not on my list today. I’ll pick something else.


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