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Out & Back Party Run

I’m late, but this is really no surprise. Left work late & got stuck in the usual Friday evening traffic, which was warned about by the race organizer in several of the info emails. This was the 15th annual running of this race, with all proceeds going to the ALS Hope foundation. It’s four miles, starting at the Art Museum, curving back out West River Drive for two miles, then back for two miles, with a party at Lemon Hill afterward–beer and live music included. Terri Erbacher wanted to have a party, so off we went.

Having made it with only about 15 minutes to spare I had to rush to check in. Still a little clueless about the whole check-in thing. But I managed to get my number, t-shirt, and souvenir pilsner glass, find Christine & Terri, check my bag & even made it to the Honey Bucket with time to spare. I’m always amazed at how mobs can organize themselves. Did feel bad for the couple having their wedding photos taken at the Art Museum. Should have tried to photo bomb! I think I’m going to make that one of my goals for this year. Photo bomb everywhere possible.

The run was pretty good. I didn’t have music, having lost my phone (stupid), and Christine & I started out together but I lost her trying not to get trampled in the mass-chaos start. Settled into a rhythm and couldn’t believe the guy cheering at the first mile mark was really a whole mile. Second mile was boring, but pretty. Nice slow view of Boathouse Row & I paced myself with a couple of crew boats.

There were a variety of other runners. It definitely seemed to be a training race for some people, but others were quite fast–the first runners passed me coming back when I’d only hit a mile & a half. (“Don’t drink all the beer!” shouted one guy running my pace to the leader–who, honestly, didn’t look like he ever wasted calories on beer.) And there were some walkers too, even some little kids (I didn’t see any of them at the party afterward.)

I felt good running, not too tired. I’m just not a very fast runner. I realized though, between this race and the Broad Street Run two days later, that it’s not so much I’m pushing myself and getting out of breath. It’s my legs hurting that slows me up!! I did run intervals the last mile though. About 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off (well, storm drain to storm drain, anyway, which were extremely well marked, for some reason.) Still I felt great, and by the time I crossed the finish line at 53 minutes 44 seconds and walked to the water table, I was pretty much back to breathing normally again.

I’m a little confused at the time. That’s what the time was when I crossed the finish line, but I thought this was chip timed, meaning it would be the time when my bib crossed the finish line minus when it crossed the starting line. Maybe not. That was a 13.26 minute pace. I expect to have crossed a half marathon off my list by the time next year’s rolls around, so I’m going to shoot for a 12 minute pace — 48 minutes. Doesn’t sound like much, but after counting and averaging minutes after Broad Street, it’s a whole heck of a lot! 🙂 But there are a lot of races between now & then, so who knows… 🙂

The after party was neat, although it seemed to be the most random collection of post-race food: rolls (like white dinner rolls, just plain, no condiments like butter or peanut butter or anything!), bagels, cold tomato pie, soft pretzels. everything white flour that felt like a brick in my stomach. But we also discovered a few single cheese packs–what a freakin’ awesome idea–and some fruit snack things that were pretty awesome. Apparently we waited too long at the end. Note for next year: go straight to the party!

Next up, second race of the weekend…the Broad Street Run (10 miler! What was I thinking?)


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The Get Out Girl is FINALLY getting out again

I’m kind of surprised at myself this summer. I really haven’t done….much of anything. Meaning, I’ve been staying home most weekends, not camping. I guess I’ve been saving money. But I had the idea to go visit Andrea Weatherby in Albuquerque. She moved out there about five years ago and I haven’t seen her since. Had plans to go last year, but ended up starting a new job right around the time I was planning to go. So, there went that. Good thing I stuck with it too, because that temp position led to another which led to a promotion and now I’m full time with that company!

At any rate, I finally got things together for this trip. I found a race in Taos, which is another place I’ve wanted to go, so it became one of my “Race the World” tour stops this year. (Have three more planned, hoping I make it to all of them!) Unfortunately, this race looks pretty tough. It’s called the “Up and Over” 10K, because you pretty much run straight up a ski slope for three miles, then down the other side for three miles. I didn’t really read the description too well, just saw “New Mexico race” and jumped on it. (More about the description of the race, my thoughts about what I’ve gotten myself into, and training for the race on my new blog, Elephants in the Closet.)

My trip is going to be a loop of the northeastern corner of New Mexico. I’m going pretty far off the beaten path, as it turns out. Also crossing at least four, maybe five National Parks off my list too, which is even more exciting. I’m renting a car, which I have some financial reservations about, but it’s really the only option. Staying in a hotel for my race so I’m not too stiff & sore before and after I run, but then I’ll be camping and hiking as I go sightseeing.

I can’t WAIT. I had some initial reservations about traveling by myself, but I’ve been a bit stressed the past few weeks so it will be nice to be on my own for awhile. Then I’ll be spending a few days with Andrea and her family in Albuquerque. I am hoping to blog the whole time, but we’ll see how that goes. I’m pretty sure I won’t have much Wi-Fi access out here, but my goal is to keep writing and post at least once per day! I do a lot of writing for work and my novel is coming along pretty well (link to original story about how it came together), and I feel like I have other life journeys I want to think about, so I’ve created a few new blogs. Hoping to get them all started, more details soon.

Finalizing the itinerary for my trip, so I’ll put that up tomorrow. I change my mind daily. This is good too. I need to be a little more spontaneous! More on that in a future post.

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Broad Street Bandits

So I’ve been convinced to do the Broad Street Run. 10 mile race, Ten THOUSAND people. The registration opened and filled before I even knew it was open, but my friend Bill says it’s easy to sneak in. We’ll see….

More importantly it’s TEN miles. I’ve never run that far in my life. I’m afraid I’m going to be bored to death! And I lost my phone this morning, so there goes my MP3 capability. Unless it miraculously turns up somewhere. I’ve learned that music is a really important thing in terms of the pace and timing of my running. If Pandora is in a “slow songs” rut, then it takes me a little longer than if they’re playing Fatboy Slim or Daft Punk. I started my workout mix with Beyonce and Fatboy Slim, and now it’s all kinds of weird stuff, like Do-Wop and Stevie Wonder. I think I just need to delete the channel & start over. Its too difficult

I’d been having trouble with getting over 2.5 miles after running for about a month. I couldn’t figure it out, since I left off with five miles in the end of November, and had no trouble getting back to 1.5 once I started up again in February. But for some reason, I had a kind of block. Was too tired, or sore hip, etc. so I’d just stop when I got to the 2 mile mark. Then I remembered that the way I got into longer distances at first was by adding one minute every time. So now I’m adding two minutes, and now I’m over 3 miles so I’ll be adding 5 minutes to my last time every time I get out.

I’m trying to work on a workout schedule so I’ll be paced by the time I get to Broad Street, but that’s a lot of math! So I’ll just work on adding 5 minutes every time. Looks like it will take about 13 distance runs to get to 100 minutes. Which is a heck of a lot of running! And still probably not quite 10 miles. Going to take more than a few weekends, I think…. But bring it on Bill, bring it on….

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5K Down….50 to go?

Finished my first full 5K last night, spurred on by “Thriller” (as I’m running in the dark, in the woods….it was creepy and hilarious) And so I’m ready for the Hero to Heroes run on October 9. As I was looking for other races, I came across a thing on Running in the USA for a “50 states gadget.” It’s meant for marathoners, but I thought why not? So my new goal is a 5K or 10K in every state, at least once per month in the next year! Let’s see….

October 9: Heroes to Hero — NJ
November 14: Alex’s Lemonade Stand Lemon Run — PA
December 18: Lookout Mountain 10k (First 10k!) — TN
January 1: Lowell 1st Run New Year’s Day! — MA
February 12: Cupid’s Chase — NY (Manhattan!)
March 5: Run Through History, Vicksburg National Military Park — MS
April 30: Trail Triple Crown at White Clay Creek (trail run! only doing the 5k though, not the triple crown!) — DE
May: Broad Street?? Will I really be ready to run 10 miles?
September: ING Half Marathon??

Have to find a few more, but that’s a good start. Anybody want to go with me? 🙂

Ideas for TN Run
Cabins to rent:
Hike Trail of Tears
Also near Great Smoky Mountains NP

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